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Adam Federal Style House Plans

Popularized hundreds of years ago in Colonial America, the Adam Federal architectural styles feature a classical look that remains prevalent in homes throughout the country to this day. This style showcases a highly balanced facade with symmetrical accents that attract the eye. The interior often has a formal feel that's highlighted by subtle, yet elegant, architectural characteristics. Restraint is key with these types of homes, yet nothing is sacrificed when it comes to comfort. Traditionally, Federal Adam houses are constructed with brick, but other materials can be used. Highlights of the Adam FederalWhat makes this architectural style remarkable is its ability to deliver a lot with seemingly very little. The exterior is capped with peaked roof lines that may or may not over hang off the sides. Larger versions of the Federal style, however, may have a flat roof with an ornamental balustrade for a European like appearance. The focal point of the exterior design is the central door with decorative surround. It provides an inviting entry point to the rest of the home. Interior FeaturesInside an Adam Federal style home you'll notice a delicate yet confident design. Their interiors typically have a lot of symmetry with large, expansive rooms that are well lit by sunlight during the day through numerous palladian windows. They can include large, modern kitchens, and plenty of space for entertaining or spending time with family. While colonial homes in the Adam Federal styles are most popular in the Northeast United States, they are seen everywhere, including the Pacific Northwest. Despite having a long history, these styles are perfectly suitable for modern homes that require efficiency and durability.

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