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Adobe Style House Plans

Adobe homes combine the architectural styles of Pueblo and Spanish Missions in New Mexico with modern touches that enhance comfort, durability, and efficiency. These modern versions are often called Pueblo Revival. They are typically constructed with stucco and have flat, or gently sloped, roofs with rounded edges. Rooms often surround an enclosed central courtyard with Spanish influenced stone features and landscaping. Key Exterior Characteristics.The exterior of Adobe homes are characterized by warm tones and earthen materials like adobe mud brick, but most modern versions will use masonry and stucco imitations designed to mimic the look. Exteriors usually include round-edged walls, wide porches, and wood roofs. Some will have projected wooden roof beams that go through the wall. While these design features were originally meant for the extreme heat of the desert southwest, they are also very suitable for the Pacific Northwest. Stylish Interiors.The interiors of Adobe style homes often have two or three stories with open layouts that promote togetherness. The most highly recognized aspect of this architectural style is the viga, or the rounded roof beam which gives the interior a very spacious feel. In the common living areas, it's common to see benches attached to the walls and niches for decorative items. When it gets cold outside, you'll find families gathered around a beehive fireplace.Outdoor living plays a big role in Adobe homes, meaning you can take full advantage of summer weather. You can include outdoor cooking features in the patio or lanai for parties or special family time. Each interior and exterior feature complements each other to create an inviting, southwestern-style living environment.

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