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Beach Style House Plans

Like the name suggests, Beach style homes are all about maximizing the experience of living on the shore. In coastal areas where flooding or very high tides are common, these houses may be raised with wood or steel stilts to protect them from water damage. Other times, beach homes will feature a raised living space built on a pier foundation. Not all beach styles are near the ocean. They are found on lakes, rivers, and even bayous. You'll even find beach style homes on the shores of Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest. They're characterized by wide porches for outdoor relaxation and incorporate both classical and modern accents. Exterior FeaturesThe exteriors of Beach style homes can vary greatly, but most are characterized by large windows that face the water so that residents can enjoy the view. They also include generous porches or decks for relaxation and entertainment. Outdoor living is a crucial component of these homes, although properties in colder climates may not have as much emphasis on outdoor activity. Wood construction is common for beach homes, and you'll often find a diverse range of color schemes. Comfortable InteriorsThe beach architectural style features wide open interiors that can accommodate many different living arrangements. Many beach style homes are used for vacations, so their designs focus on the comfort and relaxation of residents. If your beach style house is your permanent residence, you'll have the ability to create a layout that enhances your day-to-day experience whether you're getting ready for work or listening to the waves on a warm afternoon. Beach style homes incorporate building materials that will stand up to wind, humidity, and sometimes salty air you'll find near the shore. Each beach home tends to have its own unique flare due to the flexibility this style offers.

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