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Carriage Style House Plans

Carriage style homes have a modest origin story dating back to a time when owners of large manors needed a storage area for their carriages. Today, this style of architecture refers to a design with a garage on the first floor and living quarters on the second. They are commonly used as out-of-home offices, rental properties, vacation homes, guest houses, and in-law suites. Additions to carriage homes can create a lot more floor space for growing families.A Variety of ExteriorsCarriage houses can vary widely in exterior style. Simple colonial designs with gently sloped roofs and dormers are common throughout the country. In the Pacific Northwest, craftsman and farmhouse styles that blend in with the lush forest environment are very popular. They are constructed with wood, stucco, or stone, and they have large windows on the facade. While two story designs are traditional, a single story Carriage home with the garage to the side may be a preferred choice for residents with mobility issues.Adaptable InteriorsThe interior of a Carriage home can contain a simple floor plan for a single person or a more complicated, larger layout for more residents. In modern versions of the architectural style, floor plans can extend far beyond the space just above the garage, providing accommodations and common living space for your growing family. You'll find interiors with both open layouts and more traditional divisions between rooms. Carriage homes are not restrictive in any way, so you can create an arrangement that best suits your family's day-to-day lifestyle.Carriage homes are a viable and interesting alternative for both permanent residences and vacation homes. Whether you need a larger space for a growing family or modest living quarters for one or two people, this architectural style can meet all your needs.

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