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Chateauesque Style House Plans

The Chateauesque style house, influenced by opulent French architecture dating back to Versaille, was a popular choice for mansions and other large homes in New England during the late 19th century. Today, the Chateauesque style is seen in properties, both large and modest, throughout the Pacific Northwest and the rest of the country due to their attractive facades and expansive interiors. While a great deal of Chateauesque properties have multiple stories, single-story models can be found throughout the region. Elegant FacadesThe Chateauesque architectural style features unique and monumental exteriors designed to inspire awe. They are traditionally built asymmetrically with complex roof lines and steeply pitched crests, but modern versions are often symmetrical with hipped roofs, dormers, and other traditional features. Common materials for the exterior include stone, brick, and stucco. Wrought-iron railings, quoins, belt lines, and other features vary in style according to the level of formality the homeowner desires. Deluxe InteriorsChateauesque homes typically have large, cavernous interiors with many rooms and expansive common areas. Formal entertainment is a hallmark of many famous Chateauesque homes, but you can arrange your interior to enhance family intimacy or any other type of lifestyle you like. You'll typically find exquisite detailing in the kitchens and bathrooms which will make you feel like royalty. Interiors are often inspired by classically French earth tones that complement modern amenities, yet contemporary color schemes and accents are perfectly acceptable. Chateauesque homes attract both modest and extravagant buyers, and they are adaptable to a wide variety of living arrangements. The fine balance this architectural style incorporates provides a timeless look that your family will love.

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