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Coastal Style House Plans

One of the best parts about living in the Pacific Northwest is being near the water, and the coastal architectural style takes advantage of everything residing near the ocean, lake, our sound offers. Coastal style homes are often built as vacation getaways, but they're also a staple for permanent residences in the region. This style is less a set of strict rules for construction and design and more a general trend for living comfortably and sustainbly near the water.Clean, Modern ExteriorsConstruction for Coastal homes varies from region to region, with wood frames still dominating the east and both steel and wood being common in the Pacific Northwest. Wood-sided homes often incorporate a dark stain to fit in with the lush forest environment of the region's coastline. Cottages used to be the most popular exterior style in the past, but newer Coastal homes feature clean lines, large windows, and simple geometric shapes. Large porches, patios, decks are there so you can fully enjoy the view.Efficient FeaturesModern coastal style homes are all about modern technology and minimalist design. Large windows provide a lot of natural light, and hard tile and granite surfaces complement the outdoor environment. Kitchens are large with plenty of counter space, islands for serving and entertaining, and stainless steel appliances with smart features. Interiors are not about sea shells and fishing nets but accents and color choices that enhance the lifestyle of residing near the water.Coastal style architecture attempts to blend shoreline lifestyles with modern standards for sustainability. While there is a typical look for many properties, you'll be able to create a living arrangement that's relaxing and comfortable for your family.

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