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English Cottage Style House Plans

One of the most elegant and cozy house plans, the English cottage style home is typically made from stone, with wood and rustic elements used throughout the interior. The one and a half story plans are asymmetrical with tall, narrow windows and steeply gabled entryways. Because they so beautifully complement their surroundings, English Cottage homes, once most commonly found in New England and the South, are now popular throughout the country. Modern English Cottage house plans offer a more carefully planned and functional layout, but don’t sacrifice one whit of storybook charm! The relaxed but dignified design of an English Cottage gives it a warm and inviting feel. Artistic nooks and niches found throughout the interior lend the home a picturesque appearance that families and empty nesters alike appreciate. Layered textiles tend to be used in every room, making the home ready for every seasonal change. Most traditional English Cottage homes also feature some inspired use of patterns, most notably florals and paisley. Interior exposed bricks may be used to create warmth and texture in the kitchen or bath or as a fireplace surround. Casement windows and delightful shutters make for a welcoming curb appeal. Our updated English Cottage house plans feature lower maintenance exteriors and open floor plans that meet today's homeowner needs. Perfect as a vacation home or on a small urban plot, one of our unique English Cottage style house plans is sure to fit your needs. You may also want to consider the following house plans: Tudor house plans, Cottage house plans, Tudor Revival house plans

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