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Mediterranean Modern Style House Plans

The Mediterranean-Modern house plan contains elements of the breezy, exotic Mediterranean homes found in coastal Italy and Spain, tempered with a streamlined, modern aesthetic that makes daily living easy. Also called Neo-Mediterranean, these homes meld details like gently sloping, orange-red tiled roofs and Moorish archways, with classic ranch house simplicity. This modern architectural style is loaded with charisma, yet it never tries too hard.You’ll find fine examples of the Mediterranean-Modern home in sunny southwestern climates like California and Arizona, temperate NW areas, and even in sultry Florida and the southeastern US. The peaceful ambiance of these homes make them ideal as vacation retreats or seasonal houses, yet equally comfortable and pleasant as your full-time, forever home. The Mediterranean diet is considered one of the healthiest, and living in a Mediterranean-Modern home can provide a boost for your family’s emotional health. Our Mediterranean-Modern house plans offer charming details to set the home apart from a typical ranch style home, yet the plans retain a welcome simplicity that makes hectic, modern life seem far away. Your Mediterranean-Modern house would fit well into a setting surrounded by waving palm fronds and olive branches. It could also suit property filled with other types of foliage and greenery, or complement a landscape of drought tolerant succulents. While it maintains a peaceful ambiance, the Mediterranean-Modern house plan also allows plenty of space for entertaining, both outside and in. You'll often find shady roof overhang all around the home, plus long and wide covered porches, breezy balconies and generously-sized patios for your gatherings.If you're seeking a picturesque home that is also practical and modern, browse through our selection of house plans featuring the Mediterranean-Modern architectural style.

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