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Victorian Style House Plans

Victorian style homes first appeared in the United States around 1860 and remained a popular architectural style through the early 1900's. Queen Victoria reigned from 1837 to 1901 (the Victorian era). The name comes from the British and French practice of naming architectural styles after reigning monarchs. The Victorian style is actually a fusion of several styles such as Queen Anne, Second Empire, and Gothic Revival. Many important U.S. cities such as Albany, NY, Atlanta, GA, Boston, MA, New Orleans, LA, Philadelphia, PA, Richmond, VA, and San Fransico, CA were developed or rebuilt during the height of Victorian architecture popularity. Victorian style homes are found in the historic district of most U.S. cities and in older neighborhoods. Because of the timeless appeal, Victorian style homes remain popular and continue to be built today. You can enjoy the beauty of this popular 19th-century architectural style every day without having to purchase an old home for restoration. Modern Victorian homes are typically two stories and have steep roofs with features such as turrets, dormers, and towers. Porches are large with decorative turned posts and railings. The highly decorative and unapologetically elaborate style can be personalized to suit your taste and lifestyle. Large Victorian homes can include a home theater, gourmet kitchen, home office, and enough bedrooms for a growing family. If you like the Victorian style but do not need a large home, discuss the aspects that appeal to you with your builder. You can have a home with head-turning curb appeal and personality that is tailored perfectly to you.

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