Plan Modifications

Plan Modification Process: Customize your House Plan


If you have found a nearly flawless house plan but just want to change a few things to make it perfect, we’re ready to help you with the modification process. Our home modification team has extensive experience in the industry and will be happy to guide you through each part of the process step by step. From unique entryway features to rearranging rooms, there are unlimited possibilities when it comes to changes that will enhance your comfort, efficiency, convenience, or style. At Sageland Design, our main mission is to provide the support, guidance, and resources you need to make your dream home come to life.


The Steps of Home Modification

Going into the modification process can seem daunting, but we follow a clear step-by-step process that makes things easier for everyone. By preparing yourself for what’s to come, you’ll be ready to work with us and satisfy your exact expectations. Here are the seven steps we have for home modification:

  1. Start by browsing through our portfolio of house plans to find a layout that most closely matches your needs. You can sort through our wide selection by filtering based on a variety of factors that are important to you, including the number of stories, bedrooms, bathrooms, and garage bays. Once you find the right home and can think of the modifications you want to make, it’s time to submit your modification request.
  2. Our team will analyze your modification request and provide estimates for the changes. You can decide at this point if the modifications fit within your budget. In some cases, you may need to prioritize some modifications over others.
  3. Next, we’ll finalize your quote based on your modification decisions. It will include a total cost of all your requested changes and let you know when you can expect to see the modifications. You’ll have a certain period of time when this quote will remain good. We’ll be happy to make changes at this point in order to satisfy your overall goals.
  4. This is the time to review your final quote and let us know that you’re ready to move forward. We will then send you an agreement to sign. Make sure you look over the agreement carefully to ensure that all of your needs are covered.
  5. Once we get your signed agreement back, we’ll assign your project to our staff. While modifications are being made, we’ll be in contact with you to ensure you’re satisfied with the changes being made. We can contact you by email, phone, text, or another preferred method of communication. By staying in touch, we’ll be able to save you both time and money.
  6. We’ll create a complete set of final working drawings with your modifications included so that construction goes as smoothly as possible. This will serve as a crucial document when working with a contractor. We can deliver these drawings to you in a variety of ways. (typically a PDF) 
  7. Ongoing support is often crucial to the success of your home project, so we’ll provide assistance whenever needed even after your plans are complete. You can count on us to answer questions, fulfill requests, and communicate with your contractors if needed. We’re invested in seeing your homeownership dreams come to life.

Getting a Modification Consultation In House

If you would prefer to visit our office and speak directly with experts about your modification plans, we’ll be happy to accept your request. There may be several advantages to getting your consultation in house since communication will be more direct and responses will be immediate. There may be a turnaround time between your initial request for a consultation and when we can actually schedule an appointment. There will be a charge for in-house consultations, so make sure to ask us about the cost to see if it fits within your budget. Our rates are structured to be fair for families on a wide range of budgets. We believe you can benefit from our experience, expertise, and commitment to client satisfaction whether you come into our office or communicate with us over the phone or the Internet.


The Advantages of Working with Sageland Design

There are many advantages to choosing Sageland Design for your home plan modifications. We have experience satisfying a wide range of goals. We provide continuity of design, and we offer technical support. All of these things combined mean you have a high chance of successfully making modifications with little hassle involved. We maintain the integrity of every design by ensuring each project is handled with the highest standards in place. We’re always looking for ways to improve through education and additional training. The experts at Sageland Design are capable of producing plans with modifications that are as accurate and complete as the original designs. They’re able to accomplish amazing results time after time by being attentive to each client’s needs no matter the size or scope of a project. We will listen closely to all of your questions and requests throughout the process. All of these factors will result in finished plans to create the home of your dreams.


Popular Modifications for Homes

While each prospective homeowner has a unique vision for their property, there are some common modifications we tend to see on a wide range of projects. At Sageland Design, we have extensive experience with, but not limited to, the following modifications:

  • Shifting the exterior elevations to a new style
  • Adding more garage bays
  • Switching roof types between hip, gable, etc.
  • Increasing the living area square footage
  • Adding a covered porch or deck
  • Changing exterior materials from lap siding to stucco or vice-versa
  • Reducing the width of a plan to fit a smaller lot
  • Replacing a vaulted ceiling with additional floor space on the upper story
  • Creating additional bedrooms or baths in previously unfinished space
  • Adding a finished in-ground basement or walk-out basement
  • Lowering or raising the level of ceilings
  • Changing the garage from side to front or vice-versa
  • Creating space for an elevator

In addition to these modifications, we can customize house plans that embrace the specific type of architectural style that you love. We’ll incorporate these changes while sticking with the elements you want from the original floor plan. We’re focused on creating a cohesive plan that’s unique to your family.


Pricing Estimate Guide for Modifications

The cost of home plan modifications depends on the size of the project and other variables that are unique to each job. Our goal is to create an accurate estimate based on the time we expect to work on your plans, but things may change as your needs shift. We’ve created some sample pricing below based on the quality work we’ve done for previous clients like you. These are intended as a guideline, so you may see somewhat different rates for your project. For the most accurate estimate, we will need to see the modification you want to make to a specific plan. Here are some sample rates:

  • Adding a 3rd garage bay – starting at $300
  • Altering the entry point, location, or size of a garage – starting at $200
  • Changing the exterior from siding to stucco or vice-versa – starting at $150
  • Expanding the floor space of a one-story home – starting at $200
  • Stretching a two-story home – starting at $300
  • Modifying the exterior architectural style – starting at $400
  • Raising the main level wall by one foot – starting at $200

Now that you know how the home modification process works, you can get started on reaching your homeownership dreams. Whether you’re just starting a family or nearing retirement, our mission is to help you create a home that’s stylish, comfortable, convenient, and affordable. At Sageland Design, we’re known for our innovative and cost-effective modifications.